About us

We are part of the Electrodiux team, here on electrodiux we develop new software and videogames. We have our own system of accounts to play our videogames and we have online backups.
We also develop software on request, we do desktop aplications and web pages. If you want you can contact us on our social media, In Discord and Email.

Currently we are working on separates and different proyects like Arena, our first videogame, you can check it out clicking on this link. We are also developing Electrodiux web page, and more proyects. You can checkout Electrodiux History to learn more about our proyects.

Electrodiux History

electrodiux world image

Electrodiux Logo Evolution

2017-2018 (OleansStudios)
electrodiux 2017-2018 logo
electrodiux 2018-2020 logo
2020 (actual logo)
electrodiux current logo

Electrodiux News